Research, Data Analysis & Data Visualization Projects

UX Summit

UX Summit Chicago 2019

Invited to the UX Summit at Chicago to create the Executive Summary. Blog Post about Trends and Insights! Check some Insights...


Customer Champion

Ferguson's Registration Project recognition for my passion around understanding customer experience through Research. More about the recognition...


Flirting: How many Calories?

Research to find out who spends more calories during courtship! Data Collection, Article, and Data Visualizations. More about my Thesis?

Lion Fish

Lion Fish Infographic

Research and Data Visualization about the Lion Fish published in an Environmental Magazine. Check the Publication and Data Visualization...

Climate Change vs Cows

Climate Change vs Cows

Eating Meat affects the Climate Change. Research and Data Visualization. Cows the inocent suspects of climate change. Check the Article...

Child Development

Child Development Infographic

Research, Article, and Data Visualizations. Growing better adults by caring about our children. Check the Article...


Anosmic Alert Electronic Nose

I am anosmic, can't smell, so for Physical Computing I did some research, Design and development an electronic nose. Check the electronic Nose...


Neuro CoLab

Project for the Frost Science Museum in Miami. Research, Data Analysis, Biologist and Designer. Check the interview...


Mobile Messaging History

The history of Messaging. Research, Design and Data Visualizations for Nokia. Check the Infographic...

Xin Xin

Xin Xin UX Session

UX Session, and interview to Xin Xin a UX Lead at One Medical. All about Inclusive Design and UX Research. Check the Interview...

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